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Blended in Environment

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Green-eyed treefrog perfectly blended with fern-covered rocks
Australia, 2017

Unframed print on the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® fine art paper.

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We often think of Australia as a dry country full of deserts, but the rainforests in northern Queensland above the Great Dividing Range can be compared to those in Asia and South America. They are home to more than a hundred species of frogs, including the green-eyed treefrog. Although it is possible to see them during the day, we only encountered them after dark when the rain made them active. This photo of an individual with excellent camouflage was also taken at night. The pattern on its skin perfectly matches the fern covered rocks surrounding the creek that flows through the Daintree forest.

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Blended in Environment
$270.0$450.0 (additional taxes may apply)