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The Home of Reindeer

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The Svalbard reindeer in its homeland, the beautiful but harsh land
Svalbard, 2018

Unframed print on the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® fine art paper.

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Wildlife photography doesn’t always mean detailed portraits. I also like to photograph animals in the context of the environment in which they live. The nature in Svalbard offers many breathtaking views and encourages this approach. This photo of young Svalbard reindeer was taken on the last day of summer and was a reward for the strenuous climb to the plateau, the existence of which would have been doubted from below. And it probably wouldn’t have occurred to you that reindeer come here, because they don’t move in the rocky terrain with the surety and elegance we know from, say, chamois or ibex.

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The Home of Reindeer
$270.0$450.0 (additional taxes may apply)