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The Huddled Fox

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The arctic fox huddled against the cold
Svalbard, 2020

Unframed print on the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® fine art paper.

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It is easier to withstand the harsh conditions of the Arctic winter if you are on the move. If you stand still for a while, the frost will begin to penetrate your clothing, eventually forcing you to get up and warm yourself by walking. Then you will understand the resilience of the animals that spend days and nights in these conditions, and you will begin to notice the strategies they use. Arctic foxes curl up in a ball and cover their sensitive, short-haired muzzles with their tails. This allows them to rest directly on the snow even in heavy frost – like the fox in this photo, which briefly raised its head to see if I was worthy of its attention. After a moment, it decided I was not, hid its face again, and continued to rest.

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The Huddled Fox
$270.0$450.0 (additional taxes may apply)