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Svalbard reindeer grazing on lichen
Svalbard, 2018

Unframed print on the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® fine art paper.

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I have photographed all over the world, but I like to come back to the cold north, which is close to my heart. From a wildlife photographer’s perspective, it is the opposite of the tropics – not only because of the temperature, but also because of the biodiversity. For example, there are only three species of land mammals on Svalbard, and one of them is an endemic subspecies of the polar reindeer, known simply as the Svalbard reindeer. With some patience, the herd got used to me and let me get very close. I was then able to take close-up photos that capture their behavior – and the food these herbivores must be able to get by on, as this Arctic archipelago certainly does not offer an abundance of vegetation.

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$270.0$450.0 (additional taxes may apply)